Monoblock forging is in our DNA. Forged from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum, our monoblock wheels incorporate our race infused designs into premium street performance wheels. Monoblock forging is the ultimate technology in one-piece wheels. Becoming increasingly popular in all forms of competition use; monoblock wheels are the elite of forged wheels. Our Flyweight® Monoblock wheels are the most sought after due to their range of applications. Be it for track or motorsport use, they are the ultimate balance of strength and superior lightweight over conventional cast wheels.

Each of our monoblock wheels start out as a solid piece of billet, aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum that is then precision “cut” using our state-of-the-art CNC machines to create our race infused wheel designs. Upgrading this premium forging to another level, our Flyweight® wheels,  focus on weight saving pockets on the back-pad as well as the assembly flange of all our designs to minimize unnecessary weight.


The most versatile of our line, Our Axiom Performance 3-piece forged wheels provide the best range of fitment, finish, and strength. Our three piece wheels start with an aerospace grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum center, a spun aluminum outer barrel (the lip) and spun aluminum inner barrel. The outer and inner rim sections are used to bolt or sandwich the center between the rim half’s, then sealed, this type of wheel construction has been around over two decades years and is still the most popular wheel for forging. Built to the exact specifications of your car, the 3-piece construction allows us to take into account a lowered suspension, larger brakes or any other modification that might make fitting a wheel difficult. In addition, we can provide the largest lip size possible with the most aggressive fitting. Also, because of the construction,the finish options are almost limitless. Although prices include standard colors, customers can request custom finishes on the face, a custom color on the lip, contrasting color on the bolts (if electing see through bolt option), etc.


Incorporated into the production of our monoblock  and Axiom 3-piece forged series,  we take forged performance standards a step further with our  Flyweight® design enhancement. Focused on weight reduction with premium performance, our Flyweight® application focuses on maximizing the forged aluminum wheel’s superior yield strength and tensile strength and reduces weight on the spoke pockets, assembly flange and mounting pad to create a race infused wheel design. With this reduction in wheel weight, there is a decrease in rotational inertia and in un-sprung mass of the suspension, offering a number of performance benefits.

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