Axiom wheel group represents a collaboration by industry veterans who set out to produce the very finest in aftermarket wheels. Every Axiom wheel is constructed with the highest quality materials and components. We utilize our own proprietary 6061 aluminum forgings, and in-house CNC to finely craft the wheels which bear our name. Much of this attention to detail is difficult for a casual observer to appreciate as the details are obscured from sight.

For example, weight saving pockets are utilized not only on the back-pad but even the assembly flange of all our designs to minimize unnecessary weight. While this may seem like a trivial matter, you'll find that no other wheel manufacturer takes the time to add these details because they add additional time and costs to the manufacturing process. This obsession with details carries through to every facet of wheel production right up to and including our TRIPLE wall protective packaging which puts 3 layers of double walled cardboard between the critical areas of the wheel and any outside elements to ensure that what our clients receive is in as pristine a condition as when it left our factory.

My hat goes off to Axiom! From the first day Axiom opened its doors I have been a loyal customer and that will never change. I am now on my 8th COR/Axiom set of wheels and they are by far the best wheels made to date! - Bill Levinson

Latest Products
  • FM MS03
  • FM MS02
  • FM-504
  • FM MS01
  • AX2-MS01
  • AX-M02
  • FM-503
  • AX-M01
  • AXS-MS01
  • AXS-M01
  • FM-M01
  • FM-701
  • FM-502
  • FM-501
  • FLY-7
  • FLY-M1
  • FLY-10
  • AX-MS01
  • AX-601
  • AX-504
  • AX-503
  • AX-502
  • AX-501